Enjoying my stay.

I've been to a lot of funerals. More than a Normal American's share, I would say. Not because I enjoy them, particularly. Just worked out that way. I'm not complaining. It's probably affected the way I write songs.


At funerals, people often invoke the concept of "going home." "Being free." And especially "in a better place."  That may all be true, I wouldn't pretend to have a clue one way or the other. They refer to the earthly life as a struggle and heaven or whatever being a reward. I suppose this registers as solace to some people and I'm all for solace. That's terrific. If death really does take our spirits someplace better, I will embrace that with open arms, or whatever embracing appendages I'm left with at that point. I hope there's some awesome nirvana waiting for all of us.


But I'd like to just state, for the record... I really like it here.