From the recording Be the Impossible

With Bob Parins on pedal steel.


Hey Darlin', I'm gonna see this throughSo don't you worry like I can see you do'Cause I'm telling you     I'm gonna keep my eyes on the road this timeI'm gonna train my eyes on the roadLike it's made of goldI think it's made of gold Oh, darlin' don't you look at me sidewaysI got a whole bag of tricks up my sleeve That you've never seenLike I'm gonna keep my hands on the wheel this timeI'm gonna strap my hands to the wheelI'll be your man of steelAnd this time it's real, yeahWhen the wheels come offWhen the roads are impassableWhen the power lines are washing into the sea  You're gonna turn to meWhen sky turns green and the odds are improbableI'm gonna do the impossibleI'm gonna be the impossible, wait and seeHey Darlin’, I’m gonna make you proudSo don’t you worry, don’t you think out loudThat’s just not allowed‘Cause I'm gonna tie myself to the mast this timeMaybe lash myself to the sailsAnd if all else fails, you can bring your cross and nailsStill, you might want to have a back-up plan in placeJust in caseWhen the wheels come offAnd the roads become impassableWhen the moon turns too bloody to see You're gonna turn to meWhen the levees all failAnd survival is improbableI'm gonna do the impossibleNo, I’m be the impossibleJust you wait and see, wait and see