1. Good Morning

From the recording Good Morning

Featuring the whistling of Eric Gilliland


Good morning, my friend              This signals the end of the long lost wandering out in the darkest of nightsThe end of the one-eyed sleepingThe end of the watch we were keeping for so longSo let’s stoke up the fireWe can pause to admire how the bedside table puts all that we need within reachOur sentences overlappingThe sound of the one hand clapping is goneSo longIt’s a good, good morningA good, good morningIt’s a good, good morningAnd nothing is wrong  Go easy, my friendHere’s a toast to the end of the restless wondering how to beginWe can laugh about the woods that used to be inWhere even the sky seemed shady somehow Now let’s lay in the lightAnd speak well of the nightWe can guess at the meaning of signs in a crossword gameThe object is always nearer than it seems in the sideview mirrorIt’s a good, good morningA good, good morning It’s a good, good morning and nothing is wrong, nothing is wrongAnd these minutes seem like ours…Good morning my friendThis signals the endOf the long, dark winter