From the recording Mr. So & So (Waltz #3)

For DFW, ES, PSH, etc.


Nowhere to spend all those complimentsI suppose that's a lot to live down toBut you were always, in all ways, betrayed as the bestNow we're left to guessAt what it feels like To be a real life Mr. So & SoWe'll never know your mindOr what else you might've left behindYou could've soaked up some accoladesAnd gathered true things around youBut you could only see the one way: to self medicateWe realize too lateWhat it feels likeTo be a real life Mr. So & SoWe'll never know for realIf the brightest had to make a dealCan't say I'm not angry Can't say I compareCan't say much of anything to back down your guardWas it really so hard?What would you say, Mr. So & SoIf you were hereAnd what else might up and disappear?