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Mark McAdam: Music

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Follow You Down

(Mark McAdam)

The end credits song from "Dante's Inferno."  That's Kit Pongetti from Sumack singing with me.

I'll Take Manhattan

(By Richard Rodgers & Lorenz Hart)
Mark McAdam

This is just a demo I made when I wanted to play this song with friends of mine. Came out kind of nice though.

I Am a Rock

On Behalf of Lil' Gem

(Mark McAdam)
Mark McAdam

This song didn't quite make it onto 'Cavalcade.' A little too country or something.

Let it Snow

Hungry Heart Demo

(Bruce Springsteen)

For no reason at all, recorded this the other night before I went to bed. Just love this song.

He Steers Me Straight

(Mark McAdam)

Wrote this for The Citizens Band as sort of a joke, but it became a favorite.

Little Game

(Mark McAdam)
Featuring Karen Elson. For the film "The Ex."