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Mark McAdam: Music


(Mark McAdam)
September 10, 2016

Waiting at the treeline
Looking to the western sky
Hoping maybe we can catch a ride off into the night
So far above the coal mine
Where they discovered inexplicable bones
That made you wonder if we ain't alone down here after all

We've all been dreaming of the green lights
Mapping every inch of mountain top
Like they've been looking for the perfect spot to set down for a while
After so many miles
So everybody made a beeline
Left the dishes in the sink undone
Whatever galaxy they're coming from sounds better than mine

Oh, they'll be here any minute now
Nobody sure how it all goes down
Yeah, the details are murky
Logistics seem like a mess
But people down here put their faith in a lot less

Waiting at the treeline
Waiting at the treeline
Waiting at the treeline
Volunteering with the check out girl
To evacuate this dirty world
Without batting an eye